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Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

I still haven’t gotten sick of Portland.  Just enough city for me.  I like the weather with its not too hot summers, but the cool rainy winters are even a nice break from Alaska’s cold, dark funk.  It’s easily walkable, affordable and if you haven’t guessed plenty of restaurants, bakeries, and such.

Bone Marrow appetizer at Little Bird Bistro PortlandFirst night at Little Bird, there is always a night at Little Bird.  Something about it just makes me comfortable, it feels European enough that I can sit at a table for 2-3 hours and not feel guilty about it (which we did).  We started with the bone marrow smiley face pictured above.

Ice cream flight at Salt and Straw PortlandThere is usually always a stop at Salt and Straw, my favorite ice cream was the pear and blue cheese.  The snickerdoodle was a close second.  I recommend showing up on a cool and cloudy day to avoid lines.

Bagel at NuvreiCan’t forget about Nuvrei.  We walked by one morning for breakfast and they were closed because of a power outage.  When my hysterics were over we walked back to Lovejoy Bakers and were not disappointed.  How could you be sad with a flaky cream cheese danish?  As you can see by that fantastical bagel, we did finally make it to Nuvrei.  Best thing ever.  The bagel was slightly crusty and chewy, I asked for a fried egg instead of hard boiled so add runny egg yolk to that with crunchy fleur de sel.  The veggies make it all healthy.

Danish at Lovejoy BakeryWe didn’t just walk from bakery to bakery eating pastries and ice cream.  A new stop for us was Bluestar Donuts.  The husband and I lay awake at night and reminisce about the buttermilk old fashioned at Bluestar.  That’s a normal thing people do.  It calls to me in my sleep, singing it’s buttery siren song.

Bluestar Donuts