Lots of excuses

I keep many drafts for different posts when I get an idea, a half written thought, an outline to flesh out later when the idea comes to me.  Over the past  almost 2 years there have been a handful of new drafts that were never finished.  My life is becoming a lot of half finished projects and that is ok.  There was even one I titled “No Excuses” maybe as a motivation to myself, it seems that did not work as it was from October of 2015.

The fact is that nothing felt right at the time.  I felt like I was forcing myself to write about something just to say something.  Yes, sometimes you have to do that, but that is not what this blog is about.  It’s what I want, when I want, and now I want, so here it is.

Alas I have no awesome recipes to share.  I have of course still been cooking, but things are less precise.  I’m not making something five times to perfect it.  I am seeing how can I use almost expired spinach, left over chicken, a jar of mystery sauce that looks fine and kind of tastes like yogurt into a decent meal for a toddler and a husband.  I would love to spend my whole Sunday cooking in the kitchen, and I have done that from time to time, because we still all have to eat, but food for now is becoming more about getting people fed and enjoying the process rather than a hobby to pass endless hours with.

It’s been hard to come back because I feel what I want to write about doesn’t fit with what has been here before, but I never designed this to be about anything.  When I started I was cooking a lot and traveling, a good amount of house remodeling too.  In the future, I’m wanting to continue to focus on the things that make me happy, like travel, gardening, remodeling (so maybe not that different?) so yeah food will be in there, but as a mother I’m also realizing that time spent with family and friends is hugely important to me and something I want to focus more on, more communal eating, rather than me preparing 12 batches of sourdough pancakes by myself and getting mad because they all start to taste the same and any one of them is probably just fine, and lets just eat some pancakes.


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