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Lots of excuses

I keep many drafts for different posts when I get an idea, a half written thought, an outline to flesh out later when the idea comes to me.  Over the past  almost 2 years there have been a handful of new drafts that were never finished.  My life is becoming a lot of half finished projects and that is ok.  There was even one I titled “No Excuses” maybe as a motivation to myself, it seems that did not work as it was from October of 2015.

The fact is that nothing felt right at the time.  I felt like I was forcing myself to write about something just to say something.  Yes, sometimes you have to do that, but that is not what this blog is about.  It’s what I want, when I want, and now I want, so here it is.

Alas I have no awesome recipes to share.  I have of course still been cooking, but things are less precise.  I’m not making something five times to perfect it.  I am seeing how can I use almost expired spinach, left over chicken, a jar of mystery sauce that looks fine and kind of tastes like yogurt into a decent meal for a toddler and a husband.  I would love to spend my whole Sunday cooking in the kitchen, and I have done that from time to time, because we still all have to eat, but food for now is becoming more about getting people fed and enjoying the process rather than a hobby to pass endless hours with.

It’s been hard to come back because I feel what I want to write about doesn’t fit with what has been here before, but I never designed this to be about anything.  When I started I was cooking a lot and traveling, a good amount of house remodeling too.  In the future, I’m wanting to continue to focus on the things that make me happy, like travel, gardening, remodeling (so maybe not that different?) so yeah food will be in there, but as a mother I’m also realizing that time spent with family and friends is hugely important to me and something I want to focus more on, more communal eating, rather than me preparing 12 batches of sourdough pancakes by myself and getting mad because they all start to taste the same and any one of them is probably just fine, and lets just eat some pancakes.

Bend, Oregon

Lavender Cottage Bend Oregon

We were thinking of babymoon locations, I thought of Paris, then thought no wine for that was off the list.  Hawaii sounds nice anytime but a long flight.  So yeah Bend.  It is one of the happiest places in the world if you haven’t been.  The husband was running the Bend half marathon the morning after we arrived.  First night at Spork which is described as a “globally-inspired green-conscious mobile street food kitchen” when they first started their food truck.  That is still a pretty accurate description.  We were there Saturday night and they have self seating tables and an order at the counter deal going.  My one complaint is the sign that says not to seat yourself until you order.  This always gives me won’t-find-a-place-to-sit-anxiety.  I always get this at weekend dinners without reservations.  The table that I had been eyeing with death lasers shooting from my eyeballs was still there as a I tried to nonchalantly power walk over as soon as the gal up front had taken my order.  My spicy fried chicken with cucumber salad was worth the anxiety.  Super crispy with a spicy sweet sauce that paired well with the cucumber.  The husband had the carnitas sando, one of many pork sandwiches he had over the trip.  With a side of fried plantains, crispy and starchy and not enough places serve plantains!

Spicy Fried Chicken at Spork

Next morning up at 5:30 ish for race morning, we were super stoked to get a early start to our day after flying all day before.  Getting up way before sunrise is always fun and the husband always has such a spring in his step when he has to get up early.


After a forced and silent breakfast the walk to the start was brisk and sunny with a little frost on the foot bridge heading to downtown.


Bridge at Drake Park in Bend, OregonWhile the husband ran 13 miles, I warmed up with a cappuccino and cheered on runners as they went through town.  He didn’t make me wait too long.  I felt sad not being able to race, there was a cut off of 3:30 and I don’t think it would have happened.  Maybe they will add a 10k or 5k in the future for the non prepared pregnant folk.  I also don’t have much use for a bottle opener medal right now, but it’s still way cool.

4-DSC00784Beer is always a good way to finish a race.  With no more early mornings ahead we could really get to work on relaxing.  It’s nice to not have plans or obligations.  Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.  Eating included lunch at The Lot, which is a permamnent food truck gathering with a covered eating area, beers on tap too.  Husband had Korean tacos, I am stuffing my face in the background with fish tacos, I could not make time for a picture.

Tacos from The Lot Bend Oregon We had a leisurely breakfast at La Magie, where I stopped the day before to get the husband a post race pastry (and one for me).

La Magie Bend, Oregon


One day included way too much sun for our pasty Alaskan skin.  The sun and warmth was too glorious to not enjoy though.


Drake Park Bend OregonThe best cure for sunburn is to eat a lot of gelato, prevention with some sunblock may have been smart too.

Gelato at Bonta in Bend, OregonNext, on to Portland.

Speculoos Fudge with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt


Today I’m a girl and a microwave. Microwave fudge to be exact. This recipe, is adapted from Alton Brown’s peanut butter fudge recipe on Food Network. A little something sweet is pretty much a requirement after a good meal. Doesn’t have to be much and this works just right. Also great to give away as a gift or bring to a potluck, especially if you are in danger of eating more than you ought to, which you probably will be.