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Refrigerator Blood Orange and Maple Syrup Marmalade

Yes it is blood orange time, even in Alaska!  These citrus are similar to other oranges but can be more tart in flavor and can have a berry like flavor to them.  The bright and fragrant citrus helps bring me hope of summer during a cold and dark winter.  This one has been a challenge in particular.  I normally enjoy winter by cross country skiing and appreciating the quiet stillness of a snowy night.  Our snowfall this winter has been near nothing, leaving a layer of dirty ice covering all surfaces. (more…)

Italian Sausage with Kale and Orecchiette


Just because my kitchen has gone from small and not very useable to the approximate size of a twin bed (extra long at least) does not mean I can’t cook a decent meal. Right? Because I thought no better time to start a food blog than while in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I am ripping down drywall saying a fond farewell to chipped baby blue laminate counter tops.

Just take a deep breath and think positive

Just take a deep breath and think positive

I have been dreading/anticipating this endeavor with the husband for the past couple years. The thing is I don’t like remodeling, I like the finished outcome but I don’t like dust and loud noises. From our spare bedroom/temporary kitchen/office/nursery (more on that later)/wine cellar/shoe closet I will now be cooking and preparing our meals.


Speculoos Fudge with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt


Today I’m a girl and a microwave. Microwave fudge to be exact. This recipe, is adapted from Alton Brown’s peanut butter fudge recipe on Food Network. A little something sweet is pretty much a requirement after a good meal. Doesn’t have to be much and this works just right. Also great to give away as a gift or bring to a potluck, especially if you are in danger of eating more than you ought to, which you probably will be.


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