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Alaska Grown Raspberries

I am not a good gardener.  I kill a lot of plants.  The most productive plant in my yard are the raspberry bushes because they have nothing to do with me.  They grow back every year, rain waters them, I pick them and eat them and it happens again next year.  My big plan is to successfully go blueberry picking this year.  I am always too late and I end up crowberry picking.  Everyone goes crazy during blueberry season up here, no one shares “their spot” and if you are a couple days late, forget it.  Crowberries are fine, they are more tart and seedy and not great on their own, but I use them the same as I would blueberries.

Tomatoes in greenhouse

I do have my greenhouse that turns into a jungle every year, sometimes I’m afraid to go in there because something will brush against my leg and I will think it’s spider.  Sometimes it is.  But I’m being brave because I have tomatoes coming in and that’s about the best thing ever.  I even have a jalapeño, we shall see about that one.


My other spot is the raised bed, this year its kale and Swiss chard.  Other years I have done carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips, beets and lettuce.  I like the greens because you can pick the leaves you need and more grows back.  The carrots and turnips were so great, but after months of waiting for them and only getting maybe a few dozen for the season I wanted a higher yield.  If I had more space/time/motivation it might work better.  But this year the greens are pokey, I think maybe because it’s been so dry, they are made for Alaska greens, meaning not hot/dry summers.  They have always been super happy during the rainy season, and if you remember from above I am not good with plants.  However, it is beyond satisfying to make your own meals with produce that you have grown yourself.  If you haven’t tried, get yourself a big pot and go for it!


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  1. Blair
    August 16, 2015 at 6:55 PM (8 years ago)

    Those raspberries were so delicious! I forgot how great those are 🙂